Aww bud looks so happy. My style amazes me sometimes….

Aww bud looks so happy. My style amazes me sometimes….

Dinner than breakfast with a day at the museum♡

Food for thought

My heart goes out to those who are struggling with addiction. But I’m also mad, for what reasons you may ask…simply because y’all definitely don’t give yourselves enough credit. Maybe that’s because you’ve been raped, or beaten or put in jail..whatever the case may be stop telling yourself you deserve this life. The only thing that you deserve is happiness, as does any human bean. But here’s the catch, don’t sit and complain about how bad your life is, do something to change it!!! It’s very hard to get sober, but I’m doing it! I had to change my whole world, walk away from everyone and everything…move 1400 miles from my home, but I wouldn’t change what I have now for the world. I’m happy, first time in YEARSSS I’m actually happy! I don’t have to fake it anymore. That to me is better than all the riches, drugs,, almost anything!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sorry for whatever it is you’re going through, but truth is you can only save yourself. Many have tried and you keep denying them!!! So really when you think the world is against you, take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and ask ‘is it me denying the world?’ Stop thinking everyone is against you, they’re not! Especially the ones who love you, they are tired of stepping out, and trying to help only for you to push them on the floor and walk away. You think you’re in a lot of pain!?! You think you’re so depressed.. think about someone else for once. Your dad, yeah he’s miserable knowing what you’re doing to yourself. You’re mom, I bet she cries way more than you can imagine while praying for a miracle..that boy/girl you fell in love with. They know when you’re up to no good, they can feel it in their hearts. Your so called friends…they are tired of loaning you money you ‘promise’ to pay back, sick of you sleeping on their couch, makin a mess eating all their food..helping someone who should be a grown ass By you’thinking you’re having a good time’ you’re really hurting more people than you’re helping. And eventually they are going to give up on you, in the end do you really blame them?

Watching you self destruct is more painful then you as an addict will ever know.

Please share this link, pray for her, donate whatever! She’s a really amazing woman and this is tragic.